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In some recent surveys done by game websites, 60% of online game players are children at multiple ages. The children that go online and play games tend to be interested in colorful video games with fun gameplay, which is a common thing for young gamers.

Bad Ice Cream is a series of games that include Platform games that have a name starting with Bad Ice Cream. Start from Bad Ice Cream 1, there are four more instalments were released. The appearance of the Bad Ice Cream franchise proves the success of the original game is no joke. In this article, we will zoom in the Bad Ice Cream Game Series and find out about what makes this Game Series be attractive in the eyes of millions of young gamers around the world.

Bad Ice Cream 1 – A wonderful start

Developed by Nitrome, Bad Ice Cream 1 opens up an icy world with a set of various cutie characters. The game has the player choosing his favorite ice cream flavor among Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry to start the game. As the player is ready for the difficult levels in the game, he will have to get himself used to deal with dangerous enemies while trying to destroy the ice blocks in the surroundings and finding the way leading to the exit gate.

Bad Ice Cream 2

Following the success of Bad Ice Cream 1, Bad Ice Cream 2 was released with hopes of repeating the history that Bad Ice Cream 1 has made. Bad Ice Cream 2 marks the first-time new ice cream flavor including Bubble Gum, Sorbet Mint Choco Chip, and Mint Choco Chip debuted in the series. The game was chosen to be the second-best winter game of 2012.

Bad Ice Cream 3

In the third instalment of the Bad Ice Cream Game Series, new enemies were added to make the game even more challenging. In detail, the player will have the chance to meet up with dangerous Mimic Aliens – the ultimate enemies that can shake the playground and turn the situation upside down in a matter of seconds. Bad Ice Cream 3 is also the only game in the series of Bad Ice Cream that introduces the fruits and enemies.

Bad Ice Cream 4 & 5

In early 2016, Bad Ice Cream 4 & 5 were like a big explosive to the game community. The players around the world, especially the fans of the series Bad Ice Cream claimed that the two latest versions of the game kept them playing because of its amazing fresh gameplay. With tons of new upgrades from Bad Ice Cream 3, Bad Ice Cream 4 & 5 are the promising video games that none of the gamers that have experienced Bad Ice Cream should ignore.

In conclusion

Bad Ice Cream Game Series is one of the most precious gems of the game community. Its amazing elements have inspired thousands of other game developers. If you are a game lover with good taste, you should try the entire Bad Ice Cream Game Series now!