Hearts of Iron 4 is a complex simulation of World War II that would take hundreds of hours to master, both in games and browsing wiki articles that the same as a business textbook. And if someone wants to invest that kind of time in a game as long as it continues to bring new depths, I think it’s an excellent thing.

All things are designed easier.

Thanks to the striking appearance and the bright, easy-to-use user interface, the biggest challenges that Hearts of Iron 4 poses for us are the good ones: strategic planning, composition, and adjustment of economic policy and politics. The reward is great for those who are willing to take the time to study.

The astonishingly large world map around 1936 consists of over 11,000 different provinces, waters, and air regions. It is about 250 times more than a risk table, and it feels like a board player who represents Earth’s dream during World War II. The climate, the topography, the day/night cycle, the weather patterns, and the supply lines are modeled and animated by each province and have a noticeable effect on your units in motion. And real-time combat.

The fewer chances to live, the more opportunity to shine

For example, at the highest game level, you should wait for the weather to break before you start your tank attack and the dilemma of using your strategic bomber in the morning. For higher accuracy on critical targets or in the middle of the night, since there is less chance of being detected by AA combat and gun emplacements. It made me feel like I was really on the 42 battlefields of North Africa, considering all the foreseeable and unforeseen ways to win.

Any country that existed between 1936 and 1939 is playable. While powers like Germany, the United States, and Britain are far more detailed, playing a small nation is the best there has ever been. They also were released in the paradox game. In Europa Universalis 4, you have to wait months or years for the Aztecs or the Mali Empire to be added in a patch or extension.

HoI4 strategic bombing’s collective tree (used by all non-power countries and therefore not in their history) is strong enough and open to middle and even middle-class countries. The upstream can choose factions and ideologies (democracy, communism, or fascism), contribute to the war, and comes with a good time.

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One of the most enjoyable recreational activities that I tried was the Estonian fascist, one of Europe’s smallest and least advanced players. I went to Germany, sent spam to industrial buildings to continue producing weapons, and blocked the Soviet army’s full power in the side of Lake Peipus in early 1945.

Because of my small population, I only have eight divisions on the field, but hoi4 strategic bombing has a kill rate that makes a professional counter-strike player sweat.